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Adventures of Snooky Under the Sea

By Karen Monaghan-Arnone &
Maureen Monaghan-Faber

The Shark!
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Meet our friend, Snooky the cat, as he begins his adventure on a family fishing trip at sea. A giant wave knocks Snooky off the boat and separates him from his family. Join Snooky as he makes many new friends searching for his family under the sea. Find out what happens when Snooky's new friends run into danger. Can he help save them? Will Snooky ever find his lost family?

With Snooky the cat's rhyming charm and all his colorful fish friends, this adventure from mishaps to happy endings, is full of love, morals and most of all hope! Hope for a cure!

You can download the free epub version of Adventures of Snooky Under the Sea (for iBook, iPad, iPhone). Just right-click here and select 'Save Link As'.

This book is dedicated to our promise to Brian J. Monaghan- we'll keep our promise-we'll find a cure!

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