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Snooky Hero Club!

Hey kids! You're A-O-K with me!

Become an official member of my Snooky Hero Club today with one Act Of Kindness!

All you have to do is one act of kindness and you can become a member of my special Snooky Hero Club! Email me, Snooky, and tell me about your good deed! OK?

Here are a few of my friends in the Snooky Hero Club!

Name: Brad
AOK: I cleaned my room for my Mom.
Name: Carole
AOK: I washed dishes with my Dad.
Name: Hayley
AOK: I helped my friend in school.
Name: Gigi
AOK: I helped my neighbor with her trash.
Name: Edwin
AOK: I told my teacher thank you.
Name: Selena
AOK: I helped rake leaves with my Dad.

Purring and proud-

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